Democratic congressional candidate Allen Thomas shares campaign pledges

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) Democratic candidate and former Greenville mayor Allen Thomas is hitting the ground running with the next phase of the race for the Third Congressional District.

During a press conference Wednesday at the Alice F. Keene Center in Greenville, Thomas made several pledges. One is to cut costs for prescription drugs and exposing their prices to make drugs more affordable.

"We talk about threats to our nation; there are foreign threats to our nation, but there's a domestic threat if we don't address healthcare in the next 24 months and start moving towards a solution. We're at a tipping point in this nation," Thomas said.

He also mentioned getting ahead in planning for the next hurricane.

Thomas said, "We're able to bring sustainability and viability. We're not just waiting for the next issue."

Thomas' opponent, Dr. Greg Murphy, won the Republican runoff against Dr. Joan Perry.

Murphy said, "I promise them that they will have a congressman that they can be proud of and that I will be constantly and attentive to their needs."

Murphy says that he received a call from Vice President Mike Pence, who pledged the administrations support.

Thomas said he was the only candidate that worked closely with the Trump administration.

"Through hurricane response, working closely with, Brock Long, with FEMA, Homeland Security, working with NASA, and innovation over the Transpark," Thomas said.

Thomas and Murphy also face Libertarian Tim Harris and The Constitution Party's Greg Holt.

The election takes place in September.