Democrat Bernie Sanders in Goldsboro campaigning ahead of Super Tuesday

GOLDSBORO, NC (WITN) - One Democratic front-runner, Bernie Sanders, tackled some serious questions Wednesday evening at a forum focusing mainly on poverty.

Sanders attended the forum at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro sponsored by the Poor Peoples Campaign, which is a national call for moral revival led by Dr. William Barber.

The forum started with a service dedicated to Ash Wednesday.
During the forum, Bernie Sanders said healthcare is a human right and it should be free for all.

Forum attendees welcomed Sanders to the East with questions that affect their daily lives.

"People need to hear his opinion. It matters and there is gold here in Goldsboro. We need to hear more people like him," Nicolette Dawson said.

A lot of the forum attendees say they believe poverty is a topic rarely openly discussed by lawmakers.

Sanders agreed, saying people get sick and can't afford to get the medicine to make them better.

"We get rid of all premiums. We get rid of all co-payments. We get rid of all deductibles. We get rid of all out of pocket expenses," Sanders said.

Sanders heads to Winston Salem Thursday for a campaign rally and march with people walking to early voting sites.