DEPUTIES: Man shoots two pit bulls, killing one of them, after encounter while walking his dog

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC (WITN) - An Eastern Carolina man is accused of shooting two pit bulls, killing one of them, on Sunday.

Craven County deputies have charged William Guion, 67, with two felony counts of animal cruelty.

Deputies say the man, who lives on Rocky Run Road, was walking his own dog when the two pit bulls came towards him from their owner's home.

The dogs didn't attack Guion or his dog, according to deputies, and the man continued to his home. Deputies say when he got home he retrieved a gun. They say he returned to the home of the pit bulls, honked his car's horn while in the driveway and shot both dogs when they approached his vehicle.

While one of the dogs died, the other was treated at a vet and released. The photo with this story is a picture of the dog that survived.

Guion was jailed on the felony charges.