Customers help others with pre-paid breakfast at ENC coffee shop

FARMVILLE, NC (WITN) - An Eastern Carolina coffee shop owner is using sticky notes on a poster board to give back to people who find themselves in need.

It's called the 'suspended' board and it hangs on the wall of Rise & Grind coffee shop in downtown Farmville.

Customers purchase their own cup of coffee, bagel or muffin and can also pay in advance for another one for someone in need.

They place a sticky note with the item written out on it on the suspended board and then when someone forgets their wallet or can't scrape together the money that morning, they can take a note from the board and turn it in for a free breakfast.

"A homeless person, a person that needs it, some people will forget their wallets and take it off and come back in the next day and re-put it back up there, so its great, its really good... the [police] know about it so if they know anybody who needs it, they know to send them in here.. customers know about it so they know to send them in here," said Rise & Grind owner, Sandy Mills.

Mills says a customer actually told her about the idea after seeing something similar on Facebook.

The coffee shop opened in downtown Farmville about two years ago, and they've been running the suspended board for the last year or so.