Crop losses expected to be high due to flooding

GREENE COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Crop losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars already in just one Eastern Carolina county from the recent flooding.

Greene County officials put the loss so far at $760,000, with fertilizer and seed loss being the most widespread.

Greg Hinnant had 54 acres of soybeans before the heavy rains last week caused the Contentnea Creek to flood his field.

"I sustained floodwaters of probably three or four feet deep on there, and I still have water up there on it and I'm unable to get the water off of it, so that crop is going to be a total loss," Hinnant said. "I'll have to go back in and replant it."

Hinnant says in all of the 54 acres on Speights Bridge Road, just one or two soybeans actually survived.

The farmer says he is well aware that he won't make any money off this crop.

And it's not just the replanting that is hurting farmers. Topsoil from the planted field washed away, clogging draining ditches and preventing the remaining standing water from running off.

Farmers like Hinnant are now under a time crunch. Their land has to drain, and the fields dry out before they can replant the crop...all done in time to make harvest later this summer.