UPDATE: Craven County Schools still trying to fill more than 100 positions

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CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - A school system is hoping a recent career fair will help put a dent in their teacher shortage.

It was just last week that Craven County Schools held a massive job fair hoping to fill 124 vacancies, many of those are for educators.

Officials with the school system announced this week at the board of education meeting that they offered six people jobs.

While it is a step in the right direction, board of education members say they are still working to fill the other positions, as well as determine what it is that is causing teachers to leave the county.

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Administrators in one local school district say they are concerned by the number of teacher vacancies in their classrooms.

The principal at HJ MacDonald Middle School says she will need to find six new teachers and a school nutrition assistant to fill vacancies before the upcoming school year.

On Monday, she met some prospective educators who could potentially fill those spots.

With resumes in hand, crowds of people met with school representatives during a recruitment fair hosted by Craven County Schools.

The school district is looking to fill 124 positions. This is the total number of current and future vacancies the district expects to see by the end of this school year.

Administrators say they are looking to fill a variety of positions -- the biggest one being teachers.

Craven County Superintendent Meghan Doyle says it is important to start recruiting now because there are a lot of vacancies to fill.

"We do have more than our surrounding districts and that is something we have been working on with our board, because any time we don't have a great teacher in front of our students, we are not doing the best we can do, so we want to make sure every child has a fantastic teacher," she explains.

Doyle says North Carolina is seeing less students graduate from education schools, so this event allows Craven County to recruit those candidates early.

She also says teacher and staff turnover has been pretty consistent for the last 5-6 years, which she believes is due to the salaries they offer teachers and the need to teach people about all the benefits that come with living in Craven County.

During this recruitment fair, schools also had the option to provide on the spot conditional offers to qualified candidates. That way they could fill those vacancies even quicker.