Craven County School system hosts classes for parents

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC (WITN) The Craven County School system is putting parents in the learning seat this week by offering them a chance to better understand the programs their students having been using for the past several weeks.

It's called 'Parent University.' Parents and even students can enroll in multiple 30 minute sessions that cover a variety of topics.

The online classes are designed to give parents the tools they need to help their children succeed in this new virtual school.

The sessions look at the different programs students use at all grade levels.

There are also sessions on navigating scholarship opportunities and how to look into colleges and future jobs.

Toni Blount, Scholarship and College Planning Coordinator says, "Parent University came about through the school system to help students and parents, mainly parents to tune into what the students have been experiencing virtually, just a way to help families understand how students are learning since COVID-19."

Another topic is managing stress during the pandemic. Parents we spoke with say they hope the school district will continue to offer these classes in the future.