Costly private flights an option for some over coronavirus concerns

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 8:38 PM EDT
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It can certainly be a more costly way to fly, and isn't for everyone, but taking a private jet is the way some air travelers prefer to fly over concerns of the coronavirus.

Allen Thomas is the Executive Vice President of flyExclusive, a private jet charter operation at the Global Transpark.

Allen says recently they have seen an uptick in people flying private over commercial He says, "We've seen proactiveness in companies and individuals that want to make sure that they reduce their exposure so we've seen an increase in activity, a definite uptick in people looking for a private option."

But it can be expensive. You and your associates may be able to fly from Raleigh to New York City for several hundred dollars. That same trip on your private jet can run about $16,000.

Thomas says the jets at flyExclusive are cleaned after every flight, a procedure that's always done, but is made more thorough in the season of the flu and coronavirus. "We always take particular care with how we handle the inside of our aircraft in terms of safety and health standpoint, we always have, its a point of pride of flyExclusive and that becomes even more paramount with the current conditions."

Flying commercial puts travelers in contact with hundreds, even thousands of people, whereas the option to fly private, if you can afford it, reduces those numbers to just a handful of employees.