Construction workers in the East looking forward to cool down

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - The Eastern Carolina heat has been taking a toll on construction workers and roofers in the area.

Construction workers from Brann's Home Renovations work through what they say has been the hottest year so far. They say they can't stop working so they avoid heat-related illnesses by drinking lots of water and taking breaks in the shade.

"Oh man, it's been - this year seems like it's been the hottest year so far. But we try to stay hydrated so that way you don't pass out from having a heat stroke and so forth. We can't stop the work so we have to keep moving 'cause of the contracts keep building up," said Chris Brann.

Roofers have the same concerns about the heat. Cody Driver said, "You know the sun drains you. So as far as being here in this heat all day already working physically tired, the heat drains you at the same time so I mean it takes rows and precautions out here."

Both the construction workers and roofers say they can't wait to have some relief from the heat with the predicted cool down this week.