Construction underway on new Onslow County elementary school

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WITN) A new elementary school is being built to alleviate overcrowding at other schools in Onslow County.

The school system is working on a new school that will reduce the amount of students who go to Dixon Elementary near Sneads Ferry by about 800.

Steve Meyer with Onslow County Schools says, “Dixon Elementary school right now houses close to 1,100 students and that’s not even including the fifth grade that we had to take out and put in Dixon Middle School. So altogether we have about 1,300 students that are supposed to be going to kindergarten through fifth grade in that area. Well, Dixon Elementary school is only built for about 700 students.”

The school system has had to bring in 23 trailers to use as classrooms on that campus to have enough room.

The new school will be Onslow County’s 40th public school, and this is the first addition they’ve made to the school system since 2008.

Meyers says It’s going to be the same model as another school in the county. “We go out and use prototype design, so we’re not going out and redesigning new schools every time. We’ve created a cookie-cutter approach to this. We’re doing the same thing over and over and through that repetition, we’re getting more efficient as we go.”

The new school is budgeted to cost $32 million and will open in August of 2021.

The new school does not have an official name yet. You can vote on the name by going to the Onslow County school’s website, and going to the southern elementary school project page. Voting will end February 21st at 5:00 p.m.