Connecticut college students spend spring break building a home in New Bern

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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - For Sacred Heart University senior, Kelly Romano, there's no other way to spend spring break. "Freshmen year I went to West Virginia, sophomore year I went to Arkansas, I went to Virginia last year, and then this year, I'm here."

This year she is in New Bern, on her fourth and final Habitat for Humanity alternative spring break.

Sacred Heart University is in Fairfield, CT and Romano, along with some of peers from their university's Habitat for Humanity chapter, are building a home on Biddle Street, in New Bern, in partnership with Craven County Habitat for Humanity.

When finished, the home will go to a lucky family selected through the application process.

"The people that you meet in the surrounding community is different, every experience is so much different," Romano says.

College freshman, Christopher Quigley, joined the group for his first Habitat experience. "It's indescribable, there's nothing negative about the environment, building it, everyone is awesome. I just love it."

No negativity, because it's all about teamwork.

"The team has to communicate, they have to get along, they have to kind of work as one, and they have to kind of be selfless," says Tash Sousa, an adult supervisor from the university.

This week, Sacred Heart University students are working on the crawl space, but all throughout March, other colleges will come to work on other parts of the home.

Romano says in the process of giving to others, she never leaves empty handed. "The people. The group of students you're with, you're making 20 new best friends."

Craven County Habitat for Humanity says their family selection committee is now accepting applications until March 31st.

They also say this is the first home that students have helped build that will be elevated due to Craven County's flood maps.