Congressmen Jones and Butterfield weigh in on President Trump's remarks

EASTERN CAROLINA, NC (WITN) Both of eastern Carolina's Congressmen are speaking out about President Trump's controversial comments during a meeting on immigration reform.

Third District Republican Walter Jones says, "I do not feel as good and hopeful as I would like to feel about the future of America. And I think anytime you are not conscious of how your fellow man might feel about a comment or a tweet you are making a serious mistake."

In Farmville, just hours after returning to eastern North Carolina from Washington D.C., Jones spoke out against comments made by the president and leader of his party.

Jones says, "It's hurtful. It doesn't help our situation in this country or around this world. I don't understand it. To me, to even think what he thought, much less say it, is a lack of moral integrity."

Just one town over in Greenville, G.K. Butterfield, the Democrat Representative from District 1, spoke at an event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. He referred not to the president by name, but only as "45."

Butterfield also spoke out about the comments, while warning people not to lose sight of a bigger picture.

Butterfield says, "Don't get consumed with the Misconduct of 45. I don't like it, you don't like it, God does not like it. But don't get consumed with his misconduct."

And while condemning the president, Butterfield also took to task his republican colleagues in the House for their agenda, telling people in attendance that they must fight back and stand up to injustice, just as Martin Luther King, Jr. had done 50 years ago.

Representative Jones also said that he too is concerned that these comments being made by the president are distracting from the issues. He said that when he and fellow Republicans return to the House next week he hopes they can start to focus on actual policies to sort out the immigration issue.