Congressmen Butterfield & Murphy react to impeachment inquiry

Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 8:00 PM EDT
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Eastern Carolina Congressmen (D) G.K. Butterfield and (R) Greg Murphy are reacting to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launching an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

The complaint by Pelosi comes after a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President back in July.

A transcript was released of the phone call was released Wednesday morning. Butterfield says he believes the only thing missing to move forward with an impeachment is the whistleblower complaint.

Butterflied says, "The President of the United States is the moral leader of the world. He cannot violate his oath office or the Constitution. This is not only about the rule of law but it's about protecting our democracy."

Murphy says the impeachment inquiry is an affront to democracy. Murphy says, "He did nothing wrong. He's the head of state, he's speaking with the head of state. There's no quid pro quo, there's no offers, there's no promises. This is all something beaten up by the media and there's no factual part of that whatsoever."

The complaint by Pelosi has not been released to Congress.

Butterfield also says there is an interesting parallel with this and President Nixon's impeachment. He says Republicans were supporting Nixon and moved away from defending him to prosecuting him which he believes could happen with President Trump.