Congressman Murphy opens Jacksonville office

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WITN) - Recently elected Third District Congressman Greg Murphy was in the East Wednesday, welcoming constituents as he opened his Jacksonville office.

Congressman Murphy visited the United Services Organization (USO) after greeting constituents at his Jacksonville office in the Onslow County Government Center.

People gathered to talk to him about topics they want to see addressed in Washington.

Murphy is filling the seat of the late Congressman Walter Jones, who died in February. Murphy said he wanted to bring an office to Onslow County because it is one of the larger, more populated areas in the Third District.

At the open house for the new office, the Congressman was questioned on multiple topics such as addressing climate change in Washington and the impact that Hurricane Florence had on the area.

Murphy said, "Our climate has changed on this earth for millions and millions of years, whether we're causing it or not is up to some controversy. What we can do to change that is also up controversy. I think to stick our heads in the sand and to say there's not a problem that doesn't exist I don't agree with that. I think we are experiencing different climates. As to whether we're able to change that completely or reverse a course I think it is up to major question."

Congressman Murphy also said he wants to provide better assistance to the military community, adding that was another reason for his new office location.

Murphy will remain in the east for the next few days, heading to Kinston and Havelock Thursday, and Morehead City on Saturday.