Concern continues to grow over increasingly popular app's privacy policy

If you have been victimized in a scam, file a complaint with your local law enforcement. (MGN Image)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - If you've scrolled through social media the last few days, you've probably seen pictures of your friends and family looking several years older.

The popular app, FaceApp, lets you see what you might look like several years down the road. While it might be fun to try and see what you or your friends look like, fun does not always mean safe and secure.

Many different organizations are urging you to be extra careful when using this because you are basically giving the operators of the app free range to use the pictures you upload. In fact, NPR reports New York Senator Chuck Schumer called for an investigation into this. He wants federal agencies to look into the legitimacy of safeguards for the millions of Americans who have used the app, which is operated by a Russian-based company.

With this app specially, some are urging you to just use the camera to upload a picture versus your entire camera roll. Read the terms of service and policies so you really know what you are giving into.