Compromise could win over GOP senators opposing Pres. Trump's order

Opponents of Trump's emergency border declaration are moving closer to having the votes they need to pass the measure.
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Opposition by a handful of Republican senators to President Donald Trump's emergency declaration at the southern border appears to be softening.

The White House and GOP senators are working on a compromise that would limit the power of presidents to declare national emergencies on their own.

The discussion comes ahead of a vote scheduled for Thursday on a measure to reject Trump's emergency declaration and with it access to billions of dollars to build border barriers.

So far, four Republican senators have said they'll vote with Democrats to oppose Trump's emergency order. If Trump would commit to signing a bill handcuffing future emergency declarations, some of them might support his border emergency declaration.

Even if the Senate joins the House in rejecting Trump's order, he could veto the measure.

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