Community joins to deliver groceries to elderly residents in rural areas

Published: Apr. 28, 2020 at 6:27 PM EDT
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For senior citizens living in the time of the coronavirus, staying at home may mean not being able to get meals for themselves. This is especially true for those living in rural areas.

But the community came together Tuesday to help elderly residents. Great Harvest Bread Company, with the Council on Aging, raised $40,000 to buy groceries for seniors who live in rural areas.

The director of the Council on Aging in Pitt County said they have been delivering groceries to the elderly every day, but it’s been more difficult to get food to those who live farther away.

Highway Patrol came out to help Tuesday, delivering groceries that will last a week to 135 homes. “I get to help somebody that can’t help themselves,” said Trooper Brad Taylor. “That’s probably the most rewarding thing you can do, help somebody that can’t help themselves.”

One resident living in Fountain who received groceries, Blanche Bullock, said she is so grateful they thought of her. “I want people to know how glad I am that, I don’t care if it weren’t nothing but a loaf of bread - I thank them,” she said.

Those involved want to keep the efforts going for five weeks, but they said they need help to do that. If you want to donate, you can call the Pitt County Council on Aging or find them on Facebook at “Pitt County Senior Center”.