Click it or Ticket Campaign kicks off Monday

LENOIR COUNTY; BEAUFORT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - When some people see blue lights behind them, they may assume it is because they're speeding but several law enforcement agencies are teaming up to enforce a different law that they say is often broken.

The North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Program along with the North Carolina Highway Patrol, and local law enforcement are kicking off their annual "Click it or Ticket" campaign on May 23.

This program reminds people to buckle up as soon as they get in the car, not only to keep themselves safe, but also to avoid getting a ticket.

NCHP Sgt. Scott Hemby says buckling your seatbelt should be the very first thing you do when you get behind the wheel. "Take two seconds and put your seatbelt on because it could mean the matter of saving your life or not."

Officer Brandon Cox with the Farmville Police Department says it's also important to make sure children under the age of eight are properly secured in a child safety seat. That's one reason why their police department is now certified as a permanent checking station.

"Every third Friday of the month, the Farmville Police department will now have a checking station for child safety restraints," Cox told WITN's Mackenzie Roberts.

Whether you're in the front or back seat of a vehicle, officials say your seatbelt must be fastened. "It's click it or ticket. If you're caught not wearing your seatbelt, you're looking at $179 dollar citation," Hemby said.

The campaign wraps up this year on June 5.