City of New Bern says roads, crews are prepared for winter weather

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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - While potential weather impacts remain less than what the east has recently experienced, preparations still continue across the east.

Whatever begins to accumulate, the city of New Bern says they want to be prepared and a huge part of that is making sure roadways are as safe as possible for citizens.

Wednesday, the streets division of New Bern Public Works was out brining primary roads in residential communities.

Public Works Director Matt Montayne says they began Tuesday morning and will continue through Wednesday evening.

The mixture is 25-percent salt, and by noon Wednesday, already 6,000 gallons of it had been used.

The city says the wintry weather two weeks ago gave them better insight for the future.

"Us as a city, we might have been able to get out there a little quicker and start plowing the streets, and we'll make sure we do that this time, we have prepared for tonight's temperature and we have staff that have been told that when they came to work today, 'Don't plan on going home,'" Montayne says.

He also says the streets division has about 25 employees and around half of them will be staying overnight.

There are many bridges in Craven County that are of concern for freezing over. The DOT in Craven County has been working since Tuesday preparing those with a brine mixture as well.