Cities across the east preparing since Tuesday for wintry precipitation

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) - Along with the DOT, many cities across the east have been preparing for the winter weather as well.

In Kinston, crews have been out working to protect the city's streets since Tuesday.

Kinston Public Services says trucks will have covered the roads with thousands of gallons of salt brine by the time the winter weather blows through.

Officials say they will have a crew of at least five people working overnight to monitor the city's streets.

Crews will continue adding salt to the roads and bridges once the mix of snow and rain starts to fall.

In Greenville, Public Works employees mixed hundreds of gallons of brine and targeted primary roads that are not covered by the DOT.

Streets like Arlington Boulevard and Hooker Road were priorities before crews made their way into residential neighborhoods.

Building and Grounds Superintendent Kevin Heifferon says crews are working 12-hour shifts and will be ready to plow city streets as needed.

"Give them plenty of space, please don't get close to them, don't follow them too closely because they have a job to do and we want to make sure not only they're safe, but certainly the traveling public is safe," Heifferon says.

He also says it's possible to have snow, but not enough to use the plows. In that case, he encourages everybody to slow down and drive carefully.