Ceremony in Havelock remembers 9/11

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 7:56 PM EDT
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Havelock was among the locations across eastern Carolina remembering 9/11 and holding a ceremony paying tribute to those who lost their lives.

Captain Mike Dixon with the Havelock Fire Department says, "For me it's always there. I'm reminded of it every time I look at the tattoo on my arm and I'm reminded every time I drive up to the station to start another shift."

Eighteen years have gone by, but for many at Wednesday's ceremony in Havelock the raw emotions felt on September 11th 2001 are still there.

Pastor Steve Epperson was the Navy Chaplain serving in Washington D.C. and says, "As I rounded 95 to see the plane in the greatest armed building in the world, the Pentagon, seeing people running. Every person of age can recall what it was like, and we must tell this story."

Dixon says, "We never know what we're going to go to when that bell does ring and it is a little eerie when we did the moment of silence for the first tower, you know we received a call, it's almost like a little bug in your ear and something to remind you, hey they were doing the same thing."​

Epperson says the scars left behind by the terrorist attacks will never fully heal. "I remember when it really hit me, I went to a home to notify a family that the dad was presumed dead and there was a little handicapped child there and I looked at that little child and I thought of all the people in the world that need their dad this child does and I think that's always, I always keep thinking about that over the years I keep thinking about that little girl."

Wednesday's ceremony took place in front of a piece of steel recovered from one of the World Trade Centers.

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