Catch Of The Day: It's a cat

(WJHG) - It was an ordinary day out on the water for charter boat Captain Jordan Smith when something out of the ordinary caught his eye.

Smith, who owns Let’s Fish Destin Charters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida says it looked like someone had thrown a bag of trash over the side of the Marler Bridge in Destin.

“It hit rather hard, you know, something that high it made a pretty awful splat,” Smith said.

At first, Smith thought it was an otter, but quickly realized another animal was struggling in the water.

“I saw these little orange eyes looking at me and, I reach down with my dip net and got it,” he said. “And I picked it up and it latched on and didn’t want to let go. His little heart was beating really fast. It wasn’t much, maybe three or four pounds. And it’s soaking wet, obviously.”

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