Carteret Health Care joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 12:01 PM EST
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An internationally renowned medical center is teaming up with a local hospital for a partnership that will allow patients and doctors at the facility to have access to experts from around the world.

The Mayo Clinic has been around for 150-years and is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the best health systems. Thursday the group announced they are teaming up in a clinical partnership with Carteret Health Care.

Dr. Ryan Uitti, Southeast Region Medical Director Mayo Clinic Care Network says, "The Mayo Clinic Care Network has chosen to work with institutions that share culture, and alignment, mainly a focus patients."

Carteret Health Care is now one of less than 50 hospitals in the country and the only one in North Carolina to have this partnership. Physicians at the hospital say it's a huge feat.

Dr. Jeffrey Moore says, "As a physician it's like I have 4,900 new collaborative partners and physicians I can call upon to give advice, to do consults from a far."

For patients it means in addition to being cared for by local physicians, questions can now be answered by a referral to The Mayo Clinic without having to travel.