Carteret County residents react to spread of COVID-19

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -- With now five confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Carteret County, beaches closed, and officials encouraging hotels to restrict vistors, residents are reacting to the health crisis across the state.

"A little concerned. I don't go out a whole lot except to work but getting out into the public is kind of frightening," said Carteret County resident Teresa Sullivan.

A chance that folks have to take when picking up essentials like groceries or prescriptions.

As of Sunday, officials in Carteret County have confirmed five cases of the coronavirus.

Four of the five cases were international travel, the other case does not have a travel history leading them to believe this case is of community spread.

"Now it's the part where it's social and that is bothersome. I mean everybody thinks they're okay but you don't know until it hits you," added Sullivan.

Carteret County's public beaches are closed and people say its important now more than ever that visitors stay home too.

"It's very important. With as small as the little towns are here the disease can pass quickly between everybody," said fellow county resident Jennifer Meyers.

But Meyers and her daughter Dzrie stay hopeful with time people will heal and life will go back to normal with a little effort from the entire community.

Carteret County's Health Department has completed contact investigations on each of the five cases.