Carteret County man will help friend after big lottery jackpot

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) - An Eastern Carolina man's big lottery jackpot will help him do a good deed.

Frank Reams II today claimed his $747,018 Carolina Cash 5 jackpot.

When the Carteret County man returned last summer from a retirement stay in Mexico, he promised a friend that he would win the lottery to help her and her five rescue dogs get back home to Canada.

The man began buying $1 tickets online a month at a time back in August. He used special numbers from his birthday, his wife's birthday, and a fifth number chosen randomly.

On April 4th he finally matched all five winning numbers.

After state and federal withholding taxes, Reams left with $528,516.

He said in addition to helping his friend in Mexico, he plans to find a larger apartment with a yard for his own rescue dog and to make a donation to his church.