Man admits to Hurricane Florence repair scam

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) - A man who was hired for hurricane repair work admits he never completed the workt.

District Attorney Scott Thomas says Stanley Sears, 46, from Pinetops plead guilty to Hurricane Florence related fraud scams and has begun paying restitution to some of his victims.

Thomas says Sears met with victims at what appeared to be a legitimate job site. He showed them a written proposal and requested half of the price upfront.

The victims paid Sears $5,330 and in return Sears said he would start the job in two days. Thomas says he made up excuses and never ended showing up for the job or completing any work.

Thomas says another set of victims paid Sears $3,125 to repair roof damage after the storm. Once again, Sears never showed up to do the work.

Sears pleaded guilty to two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretense and paid $4,500 toward restitution when he entered his guilty plea.

Sears was placed on five years of supervised probation and has to pay a minimum of $300 in restitution each month. A judge says if he fails to make a monthly payment, he will serve two weekends in jail, along with continued payments and probation.

The judge also ordered Sears to provide a copy of his criminal record to any possible customers before making any agreements to do construction, repair or remodeling work.