Carteret County distillery providing hand sanitizer to schools

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) A local distillery is providing one of its newest products to schools and emergency personnel during the pandemic. ​

​Carteret County Public Schools is buying hand sanitizer from Bogue Sound Distillery. ​

Administrators began buying the sanitizer early in the pandemic, when it was not available through other sources.

The school district is using the sanitizer for its workers preparing and distributing meals.

The distillery's owner, ​Richard Chapman says, "It's worked out pretty good. People didn't know we'd been here two years, but we're off the beat. You​ don't see the location. It's brought a forefront to where we really are."​

The distillery is also offering free hand sanitizer to local police, sheriff's and fire departments.

The owner says the sanitizer venture is also boosting his business.