Carteret Community College paramedic students back on campus

Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 8:54 PM EDT
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College campuses are still closed and students are still taking online courses. But for one group of students nearing graduation, their community college leaders are bringing them back to the classroom for final instruction.

The paramedic class at Carteret Community College has been allowed to come back to campus to prepare for the final few weeks of class before graduation and testing to become a state-certified paramedic.

The class looks different than it did before the pandemic. Students must now practice social distancing and use enhanced safety protocols. ​

Instructors said all of the hurdles they've dealt with over the past few weeks are indicative of the career students are preparing to enter.

Chairperson Christine Turner with Carteret Community College Emergency Medical Science Program said, "This group of students has been resilient and I feel like they are willing to take on these challenges and as opposed to making them feel like they don't want to move forward, I feel like it almost motivates them more to become successful."

Instructors said there is such a nationwide need for paramedics, that school officials decided it was important for students, in their final semester, to come back and be as prepared as possible for graduation in May.