Some testy exchanges between Cooper & McCrory in debate

Published: Oct. 18, 2016 at 10:53 AM EDT
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There were some fireworks in Tuesday's final debate between Governor McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The debate hit on the familiar topics like HB2, the economy and flood recovery.

But there were some testy moments as Cooper suggested McCrory is under an FBI investigation.

Cooper said, "If he wants to talk about political contributions, he had a contributor who said he wanted something for his contribution. In return Governor McCrory gave him a private prison contract over the objections of his staff. He's talking about political contributions all night tonight so if you want to talk about political contributions governor, you're the one who now has an FBI criminal investigation as a result of your."

McCrory interrupted saying, "As Attorney General you should be, resign right now for saying that. That is absolutely not true. There is no FBI investigation. You should apologize right now."

On the topic of the state crime lab, Cooper said there are still resource issues with the lab, but he eliminated the backlog and the crime lab now is helping to convict thousands of people and exonerate others and that tremendous progress has been made. He said, "We found the problem, we fixed it, we didn't blame it on somebody else like Governor McCrory."

McCrory fired back saying, "The crime lab isn't fixed, you ought to call your own hotline for fraud and turn yourself in."

When it came to HB2 McCrory said, "Do y'all even know what the penalty was in Charlotte for someone that did not accept gender identity as the new requirement in identifying if you're a boy or girl? It was a fine of $500.00 and or a 30 day jail sentence...this is what we overturned."

Cooper's response, "If a local government wants to protect people from being fired because they're gay, HB 2 says you can't do that. If a local government wants to raise its minimum wage. HB2 says you can't do that. If a local government wants to provide discrimination protection for Veterans, and a couple of cities had those kind of ordinances that have been wiped away by HB2."

The debate was produced by WRAL TV and streamed live on WITN.COM.

Early voting for the November 8th election starts this Thursday, October 20th.


North Carolina's Republican governor and his Democratic challenger get one more chance to try to sway voters in one of the nation's most competitive gubernatorial races.

Gov. Pat McCrory, Attorney General Roy Cooper and Libertarian candidate Lon Cecil are expected to participate in Tuesday evening's debate in Raleigh just two days before early in-person voting begins.

About $20 million has been spent on broadcast TV ads by McCrory and Cooper and their political allies. They offered sharp criticisms of each other at a televised debate last week.

Cooper holds himself out as the person who will push back Republican policies in state government. McCrory has been traveling eastern North Carolina over the past week leading the state's response to Hurricane Matthew.

You can live stream this debate right here on starting at 7 p.m.

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