Camp explores environment, fun, and focuses on children with Diabetes

BEAUFORT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - More than 80 Eastern Carolina kids are enjoying the outdoors at a local summer camp while learning more about their health.

All of the 82 kids at Camp Needles in the Pines have Type One Diabetes, but at this Beaufort County Camp, they are just kids, enjoying summer camp activities.

Campers get to make their own tie-dyed shirts and explore ecology and the local environment. Traditional activities like swimming, kayaking, and archery are also part of the week.

The camp is medically supervised by doctors and nurses who help the kids maintain their health while having fun.

Camper Skylar Pointer said, "My friend Mattie she's like really close to me but like she's my friend with diabetes so it's easier because they understand so if you beep or something they will know what's going on."

The camp is open to kids who are ages 8 through 14 and continues through Friday.