Camp Lejeune Navy corpsman accused in double murder/suicide

PORTSMOUTH, VA (WITN) - A Navy corpsman from Camp Lejeune is accused of killing two other corpsmen before turning the gun on himself, according to Virginia police.

The double murder/suicide happened late Saturday night in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Police say Hospital Apprentice Donavon Moora was found dead in a vehicle that was parked at the Dollar General on Effingham Street. They say the 22-year-old had shot himself in the upper body.

Police say Moora shot and killed 19-year-old Hospitalman Shianne Voles, of Verdale, Washington, and 23-year-old Hospitalman Meaghan Burns, of Massachusetts. Both women were stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.

NCIS is helping local police investigate the circumstances of the triple shooting.

Camp Lejeune says Moora was attending classes at Field Medical Battalion East, which is located at Camp Johnson. Records show he had been at Camp Lejeune since April 8th, and had enlisted in the Navy in November 2017.