UPDATE: The winner announced for Bob 93.3 2016 Tuition Mission challenge

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - After days filled with various challenges, one student is left standing to claim $6,000 in scholarship money for tuition and books.

Friday evening live on WITN, our radio partner Bob 93.3 announced ECU senior Lee Hodges as the winner of their Tuition Mission Challenge.

He wins a check for $5,000 for his tuition and $1,000 for his books.

As a surprise also live on air, the second place winner, Kori Engler, won a MacBook Air laptop.

The winner was decided based off the points awarded from each challenge.

WITN has been a very proud sponsor of the competition for two years.

Congratulations to both Lee and Kori.


Some local students aren’t going for the gold in Rio, but they’re still channeling their competitive spirit.

They are competing for a $6,000 scholarship in a non-traditional scholarship contest through our radio partner Bob 93.3.

The remaining students in the Tuition Mission Challenge were told to show up at WITN’s studio Thursday morning with no idea of what was to come.

That is until they got to the green screen. It was a weather challenge and they had 20 seconds to give the forecast.

The students definitely gave it everything they had.

“Some of them were doing the worm on the ground,” says Robyn Banks with Bob 93.3. “One person talked in Spanish, that was cool. One person sang. It was really fun.”

The contestants weren’t done after their visit to WITN. Next up was an obstacle course at Carolina Ice Zone.

They were timed as they raced around the ice, picked up hockey pucks and ducked under hurdles.

Friday is the last day of competition and the scholarship winner will be announced live during the 6:00 p.m. newscast.

You can keep up with all the action on Bob 93.3’s website and social media. Click the related links on the upper right of this page for more information about the competitors.


Some college students in the east are competing in a non-traditional scholarship contest.

Of the Twenty students who started the competition for $6,000 in our radio partner Bob 93.3’s “Tuition Mission,” only 17 remain.

Two were eliminated after social media challenges Wednesday morning, and one more after the obstacle course in the afternoon.

These students range in age, from recently graduated high school seniors to post-grad students looking on towards medical school.

The competitors submitted applications explaining why they need the financial aid, and were chosen to participate in the challenge.

The participants will be at WITN Thursday morning for one of their challenges and it will involve the green screen weather wall.

The scholarship winner will be announced on WITN live on Friday during the 6:00 p.m. newscast.


WITN’s radio partner Bob 93.3 is once again holding “Tuition Mission,” and all the excitement is this week.

Contestants will be taking part in competitions in and around Greenville.

Two of the challenges will be held at WITN.

The winner gets $5,000 for college tuition and $1,000 for books!

You can keep up with all the action on Bob 93.3’s website and social media. You can also check out all the competitors here on witn.com.

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