Bills filed to let NC breweries double their amount of beer annually

Craft breweries in our state will be able to sell twice as much beer while still maintaining control of their business after a compromise was reached between brewers and wholesale distributors.

State law currently requires brewers to turn over sales, marketing,and pricing to third party distributors once 25,000 barrels of beer have been sold.

An agreement between brewers and distributors raises that threshold to 50,000 barrels, and is expected to receive bi-partisan support in the legislature.

Donald Dunn is the general manager of Uptown Brewing in Greenville and says the change will only impact large breweries in the western part of the state. He says while most craft breweries in the east don't produce near the volume required to be impacted, he still supports the change.

Dunn says, "There's not a limit on how many Big Mac's you can sell before you have to start using a distributor to take part of your profits so there shouldn't be a restriction on whether it be beer, cars, or whatever. we don't believe in that."

Dunn says breweries like NoDa in Charlotte and Red Oak in the Triad are among those that will be impacted by the change.