Bill heads to governor to help enforce Move Over Law

EASTERN CAROLINA, (WITN) A bill is headed to the governor's desk in an effort to better protect state troopers and other law enforcement officers that stop along our highways.

The 'Jason Quick Act' comes after a Lumberton Police Officer Jason Quick was killed in December of 2018. He was hit while investigating a crash on I-95.

Trooper Justin Maness says unfortunately, some people don't pay much attention to officers that are pulled over on the side of the road.

He says, "A lot of times, honestly, the people that are going by, they're not even thinking about that. They've got things within their personal lives that they're thinking about."

Maness says nine out of 1ten people are unaware of the Move Over Law.

The current law that went into effect back in July of 2006, includes fines up to $500.00, along with the possibility of being charged with a class I Felony if a collision occurs that results in serious injury or death.

With the 'Jason Quick Act' drivers who don't move over could be guilty of a class F Felony which could result in temporary loss of license or even jail time.

If signed into law, the 'Jason Quick Act' would become effective starting December 1 of this year.