Daughter charged in Craven County crash that killed mom

Patricia Sparrow
Patricia Sparrow(WITN)
Published: Feb. 6, 2017 at 11:53 AM EST
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Charges have been filed against a Belhaven woman after her mother was killed in a car crash earlier this month.

Craven County District Attorney Scott Thomas says Ashley Cartwright, 23, was charged with failure to stop for a stop sign and failure to wear a seat belt.

The February 4th wreck killed Cartwright's mother, 45-year-old Patricia Sparrow.

It happened at the intersection of River Road and Nelson Road in Craven County.

Troopers say Cartwright went through the stop sign and hit another car.

The woman has a May 4th court date.

Twelve days later, another wreck at the same intersection killed a 16 year old and a 4 year old. Thomas says that crash is still under investigation by troopers.

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After a woman was killed in a wreck over the weekend, friends and community members are speaking out about the dangers of the intersection where the accident happened.

Highway Patrol troopers say it was at the intersection of Nelson Road and River Road where a mother was killed after her daughter ran a stop sign and collided with another car, but community members say that happens far too often at the intersection and they want to make some changes for the safety of everyone.

Tuesday may have been a calm day where the collision happened, but evidence of the Saturday morning crash remains. Broken glass and pieces of plastic can be seen on the road and a broken sign waves in the wind.

"It's very dangerous, people have a tendency to come along Nelson Road and not see the stop sign," explains Robert Harris who lives nearby.

He walked from his house to the intersection around 10:15 Saturday morning after hearing the screeching sounds of a wreck. He says he always uses caution in this area because of how frequent collisions can be.

"Apparently some individuals have very bad perception of the stop sign," he says.

Troopers say Ashley Cartwright was driving when she ran the stop sign on Nelson Road, hitting another car with two women inside.

Her mother, Patricia Sparrow, was in the passenger seat and died on scene.

"The mother and daughter were real close, they loved each other," says family friend Lee Gurley. "They had horses together, they rode together on horses."

Gurley says it's hard to see the stop sign, especially if you're unfamiliar with the winding, country roads. That's why he wants to encourage more safety features.

"Blinking lights to be put up and at least some kind of law or something to make it more visible for traffic at intersections or driveways where you can... the vision ain't obscured," he suggests.

Gurley says he's planning to contact the NC DOT about adding flashing lights or better signage for the upcoming stop sign, all of which Harris also agrees with.

The DOT says in regards to proposing changes like that, you can submit a form online or contact your local maintenance office.

Troopers say Cartwright and the two women in the other car were all transported to Vidant Medical Center with serious injuries.

Investigators are also working with the Craven County District Attorney's office regarding possible charges for Cartwright.

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The Highway Patrol says a local woman was killed in a wreck after a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

Troopers say it happened at the intersection of River Road and Nelson Road in Craven County Saturday morning.

The Highway Patrol says 45-year-old Patricia Sparrow of Belhaven was killed in the crash.

Troopers say 23-year-old Ashley Cartwright of Belhaven was driving a 2011 Ford passenger vehicle when she failed to stop at a stop sign, hitting another Ford passenger vehicle, driven by 40-year-old Katharine Burch of Pinetops.

Sparrow, who troopers say was Cartwright's mother, was the passenger in Cartwright's vehicle.

Troopers say Cartwright, Burch, and the other passenger in Burch's car, 16-year-old Sarah Burch, were transported to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators say they are working with the Craven County District Attorney's office regarding possible charges.