Beaufort sets up outdoor dining areas

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY, (WITN) The town of Beaufort is taking a page from other cities in its plans to reopen under phase two.

Officials say they looked at Wilmington and Charleston that set up closed-off outdoor dining areas, and put out picnic benches for people to eat take out meals outside.

Beaufort leaders tested it out in their downtown last weekend and say the option worked great.

They also say they're also proud of how government and citizens have worked to flatten the curve.

Beaufort Mayor Rett Newton says, “Our health department done a great job of testing and tracing and contact as well, so we want people to please be respectful when they come to Beaufort.”

Beaufort has had eight COVID-19 cases, but there are only two active cases right now.

Officials are asking people to continue social distancing and to wear masks to prevent new cases.