Beaufort County holds pesticide day offering safe chemical disposal

BEAUFORT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - If you have pesticides to get rid of, you might want to think twice before dumping them in the trash, yard, or a field. Instead, one county is offering a safer way to dispose of the old chemicals.

Members of the the Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program collected pesticides Wednesday in Beaufort County.

The program is the first of its kind in the United States and it encourages farmers and homeowners to bring any kind of pesticide, even banned and outdated ones, to dispose of them properly, later to be incinerated.

Many of the chemicals are often left in a house or around a farm to corrode for years. This way, they could leak into the environment and present dangerous circumstances.

"Eventually over time, these plastic containers deteriorate. These things leak into the soil, they go into the groundwater, run into your creeks and things like that," said a field technician, Andy Ferguson.

The collection is an easy and convenient solution to keep the environment and those living in it, safe. "These boys are taking it in for us so we don't have to throw it away or bury it. They know what to do with it," said Sid Cayton, one who dropped off multiple jugs of pesticides.

On Wednesday alone, program workers collected 7,250 pounds of pesticides. During the 40 years they've been collecting, they've received 4 million pounds.