Beach restaurant fined $14,287 for child labor violations

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SURF CITY, N.C. (AP) - An Eastern Carolina restaurant has been fined by federal officials for violating minimum wage and child labor laws.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced in a news release that Max's Pizza in Surf City was fined $14,287 for violating requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

According to investigators, the restaurant required four minors, ages 16 and 17, to clean a meat slicer and a large dough mixer. Youth under 18 are prohibited from operating, setting up, adjusting, repairing, oiling or cleaning such machines.

Investigators also found the restaurant failed to make up the difference when tipped employees' pay totaled less than $7.25 per hour. The investigation also showed the restaurant made illegal payroll deductions for tipped employees' uniforms and failed to maintain required payroll records.

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