BSH in New Bern temporarily closes due to coronavirus

NEW BERN, NC (WITN) One of New Bern's largest employers is temporarily shut down because of COVID-19.

Managers at BSH Home Appliances learned Monday a worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Anyone who had contact with the employee was sent home to monitor their conditions.

Jeff Wood, Craven County’s Director of Economic Development says it’s unfortunate to see things like this happen, especially when facilities like BSH are taking precautions.

Wood says, “It’s a tough thing to deal with as far as our community goes. What we’ve seen so far from the manufacturing side of our economy is it does hurt. It is temporary until those facilities do come back to running again.”

A representative from BSH says the company doesn’t have a reason to believe anyone else working at the facility could have been infected.

Managers say the dishwasher manufacturing plant is closed until further notice.