BBB offers more ways to report robocalls

If you have been victimized in a scam, file a complaint with your local law enforcement. (MGN Image)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - The Better Business Bureau is giving more tips regarding how to identify robocalls.

When you get a call from an unknown number, what do you do? Some people answers, but others do not. If you do pick up, you can usually know right away if it is a robocall. The first indicator is a recorded message.

The FCC says nearly 2.4 billion robocalls are made each month. The BBB says there are some calls like these that are actually allowed. Candidates running for office or charities asking for donations are allowed to make these calls. Appointment reminders are also allowed, but if someone is trying to sell you something and you haven't given your written permission, that is not allowed.

The BBB urges you to hang up, block, and report.

If you want to report it, you can go to

The FTC recently announced Operation Call it Quits last month and the goal is to target those who are making these robocalls.