Ayden leaders hope to preserve historic bank building

AYDEN, NC (WITN) - One town in our area is looking for a buyer for a historic property in its downtown.

The property is located in downtown Ayden and is the old F&M National Bank of Ayden. The three-story building was built back in 1915.

The town of Ayden has secured the building with a payment of $5,000 refundable earnest money and has secured a six-month contract for the purchase of the old bank building.

Tuesday officials said they are looking for investors to purchase the building in hopes to occupy the vacant building and to preserve its downtown.

Ayden Town Manager Steven Harrell said, "To save the historic building, this history of Ayden. These buildings are now empty and they need renovation and if we can get them occupied we can increase our property tax base in our downtown. It would also make downtown a destination."

If someone is interested in buying the building, you should contact the city manager’s office or economic development director. The price of the property is $85,000.