Astronaut Christina Koch talks about historic spaceflight

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, TEXAS (WITN) Jacksonville native and NASA astronaut Christina Koch is back on Earth and talking about her record setting 328 days in space.

Koch spent almost a full year aboard the International Space Station, breaking the record for the longest spaceflight for a woman.

She held a press conference from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to talk about her trip and give advice to young aspiring astronauts.

Koch returned home last week and was able to reunite with her dog, and take a trip to the beach.

"I think my athletic trainer knew that was a big goal of mine because she kind of kept pushing me and saying, I think if you can get this done I'll clear you to walk on the beach," Koch said.

Students at White Oak High School were excited to see her and watched her first press conference since she's been back.

"Not only is it inspirational, but she came from White Oak and she was a cheerleader here and I'm from White Oak and I'm a cheerleader so it really just goes to show what you can do if you set goals and accomplish them," said Nyla Ayeni, and 11th grade student at White Oak.

Koch offers advice to anyone with dreams. "Any record that you set, my biggest hope is to exceed it as soon as possible. Whether it means we are pushing the boundaries, more people are living up to their dreams and their potential," Koch said.