Arapahoe Charter School student garden helps feed those in need

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 9:03 PM EDT
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While schools remain closed, the work that students at one local school did earlier this year, is now helping to provide food for those in need in the east.

Every year the high school students in Martha Newman's exceptional children's class at Arapahoe Charter School plant a garden. In the spring it's harvested and goes directly to help feed those in need in Pamlico County, in partnership with several other organizations.

Tuesday those vegetables headed off to a distribution site for families to pick up.

While her students aren't able to help harvest the veggies, there's still a sense of pride and community that they get knowing that they are helping those in need.

Newman says, "To know that we can do a little bit at home and it feeds our families, but to do this on a bigger scale and it feeds so many other families, so I think they get that same sense of pride that we all get that help out with the garden."

Teachers say aside from learning how to grow organic veggies, these students also learn an important lesson on giving back.