Animal shelter seeks home for cat with feline AIDS

Published: Jun. 30, 2019 at 7:25 PM EDT
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The Craven County Animal Shelter is searching for a home for Gunner, a cat living with feline AIDS .

Feline AIDS, also known as FIV, affects only one-to-three percent of cats.

Volunteers at Colonial Capital Humane Society know finding Gunner a home could take some time with his diagnosis.

They add there are a lot of questions about his care because owning a cat, like Gunner, means being aware of his weak immune system.

"Basically it's an auto-immune disorder for cats. It only passes to cats. Humans can't get it, dogs can't get it. It's passed through deep bite wounds so if he were to bite another cat he could transmit it to another cat," explains CCHS volunteer Meghan Watters.

Officials say cats like Gunner do best when kept indoors at all times. They also say he does not require regular treatment for his illness.

Anyone interested in adopting Gunner can contact the Craven County Animal Shelter.