AG candidate campaigns in ENC

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) The March primary will be here before you know it and a candidate running in the Republican primary for Attorney General of North Carolina was at WITN Friday for an interview.

Sam Hayes served as the general counsel for the Department of Environmental Quality in Governor Pat McCrory's administration and has been general counsel for the state treasurer and has practiced law for more than 20 years.

Hayes tells us the reason he decided to run is because he says he's been doing this job already, like pushing for voter ID laws in the primary. "Well a lot of people are upset about this latest voter ID law. The same Obama appointed judge in the middle district that's overseeing the gender dysphoria suit just struck down voter ID, but Josh Stein is not immediately appealing, instead he's going to wait until after the primary. If voter ID is important and I believe it is, if it's important enough for the general election, it's certainly important enough for the primary."

Hayes is against illegal immigration and sanctuary sheriff's. He is one of three Republicans running for attorney general. The others are Christine Mumma and Jim O'Neill.