A year after Hurricane Florence, Pollocksville will never be the same

JONES COUNTY, NC (WITN) - One year after Hurricane Florence local leaders and residents in Jones County say a lot has been done to repair area buildings, but there's still a long way to go.

Hurricane Florence brought several feet of floodwaters through the streets and into buildings in Jones County.

After one year of rebuilding, the Jones County Courthouse is now open. Judges held court Monday for the first time since last September.

The small town of Pollocksville, where many homes and businesses remain closed, was perhaps the hardest hit in Jones County. Pollocksville Town Commissioner Sherry Henderson said recovery is slow.

"Things don't move as fast and you might think they move. It was a difficult year in that people didn't get back in as quickly as they thought," she said.

Henderson just finished repairing her home last month and said Pollocksville's few mom and pop businesses have yet to be repaired or reopened.

Residents said they miss the small businesses that help to make up the community.

"It was tough you know we had a wonderful little coffee shop here and it was nice to go and meet folks and hopefully we have a nice little restaurant again that will bring people together,” said Pollocksville resident Marq Miller.

Most neighborhoods are coming back, but Henderson said many of the older residents have not come back and some homes still sit empty.

She said some residents are also still living in FEMA campers and several of the houses have been sold, with younger people moving in and making repairs.

"Maybe younger folks will come in and rebuild this town," said Henderson.

Pollocksville officials expect it will be several months before they have a permanent town hall, and they cannot move back into their old building because of damages.