A LITTLE BIT OF SUNSHINE: Red Sox thanks nurses, Parmalee performs quarantine concert, Artist raps Dr. Seuss

Published: May. 8, 2020 at 7:36 AM EDT
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The coronavirus pandemic can feel scary and overwhelming, which is why the WITN News at Sunrise team wants to share some good stories happening in our world every Friday morning.

Liz, Jim and Austin will each pick a story highlighting the helpers, the givers or just anything to simply make you smile during this trying time.

The stories will highlight people in our own community, country or around the world.

Here are the stories highlighted on May 8:

Austin's Choice:

In honor of Nurse Appreciation Week, Fenway Park found a creative way to say thank you.

The Boston Red Sox mowed their team logo with a heart and the word "nurses" into the outfield grass. It's to thank nurses all around the country and world who are working tirelessly to treat patients during this health crisis.

Liz's Choice:

The band Parmalee, who is from Eastern Carolina and ECU alums, hosted the "Piano Sessions" on Youtube. They took their favorite songs, both their own and covers, and performed a quarantine concert.

The concert gave fans a chance to relax, listen to music and get their minds off of everything happening in the world right now. To watch the full concert,

Jim's Choice:

Wes Tank raps Dr. Seuss' classic children's books over Dr. Dre's hip hop beats. It's a new approach to telling stories to your kids and grabbing their attention while stuck in quarantine!

Jim's personal favorite is the Fox in Sox rap. You can find all of his videos

The “A Little Bit of Sunshine” segment will air at 6:45 am on Friday mornings.

If you have an idea you want to be featured, e-mail Liz at or Austin at

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