A LITTLE BIT OF SUNSHINE: Free music surprises at home to more pets finding homes

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 8:47 AM EDT
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The coronavirus pandemic can feel scary and overwhelming, which is why the WITN News at Sunrise team wants to share some good stories happening in our world every Friday morning.

Liz, Jim and Austin will each pick a story highlighting the helpers, the givers or just anything to simply make you smile during this trying time.

The stories will highlight people in our own community, country or around the world.

Here are the stories highlighted on April 17:

Austin's Choice:

The Greenville Jolly Trolley is planning rides that are socially distanced! They are going around neighborhoods and taking your song requests.

They went through the Tucker Estates neighborhood last weekend and are planning a ride through Brook Valley and Bedford this weekend. Kids dance in the driveway and enjoy their favorite tunes.

The trolley is also taking requests for a price. You can try and get the trolley to come to your house or you can send it to someone else's house for $50.

Jim's Choice:

More and more families are fostering pets across the country during the pandemic.

Shelters in big cities like San Francisco and Washington, D.C. have more than 1,000 pets in foster homes, according to the Associated Press.

In Eastern Carolina, the humane society says all pets are currently in foster care.

Experts think if trends continue, fostering will turn into adoptions. Jim has personally taken part in this -- he is currently fostering a cat named Donkey (named after the movie Shrek!), which he says he plans to adopt.

Liz's Choice:

Here's one way to make sure your students paying attention-- have Jon Bon Jovi crash your class!

Bon Jovi hopped in on a virtual kindergarten class in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida recently.

Last month, he released a song Do What You Can, which is about our country's fight to contain the virus. He left one verse blank and asked fans to complete it.

Michael Bonick, a kindergarten teacher, gave this to his students as a writing assignment. Bon Jovi loved it so much he crashed their class and sang out some of their verses.

The “A Little Bit of Sunshine” segment will air at 6:45 am on Friday mornings.

If you have an idea you want to be featured, e-mail Liz at or Austin at

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