A LITTLE BIT OF SUNSHINE: Donkey fights back, Flapjack Jimmy & goodbye to our producer

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 10:23 AM EDT
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The coronavirus pandemic can feel scary and overwhelming, which is why the WITN News at Sunrise team wants to share some good stories happening in our world every Friday morning.

Liz, Jim and Austin will each pick a story highlighting the helpers, the givers or just anything to simply make you smile during this trying time.

The stories will highlight people in our own community, country or around the world.

Here are the stories highlighted on May 29:

Jim's Choice:

You've probably heard Jim talk about how smart his cat Donkey is on air.

Ginger Clarita Taylor, a havanese dog, "wrote" a letter to Jim and Donkey to "prove that Donkey is not the only smart pet." The letter goes on to ask if Donkey writes letters to his friends and send cards or have personalized stationary.

Jim says Donkey wasn't thrilled with the letter and showed a video of Donkey playing catch to prove he is multi-talented! It was all in good fun.

Liz's Choice:

Liz, Jim & Austin were asked to participate in St. Peter Catholic School's virtual field day. They were told they could showcase any activity a student could do right in their own home, so they decided to have a pancake flipping contest!

The video was shown to students at the school and they were able to join them in their own kitchens. They titled the video "Flapjack Jimmy and the Six Feet Aparters."

Austin's Choice:

Austin made a heartfelt goodbye to our producer, Christos Prokos, who had his last day at WITN Friday morning.

Austin said he made waking up at the early hours early and that he was "thankful for the time we had together."

He thanked Christos for always being warm and welcoming and wished him the best of luck in his next adventure as he moves to Tennessee to be closer to family. Liz and Jim joined in at the end to say their heartfelt goodbyes.

The “A Little Bit of Sunshine” segment airs at 6:45 am on Friday mornings.

If you have an idea you want to be featured, e-mail Liz at or Austin at

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