911 call released in deadly officer-involved shooting

Police this afternoon released the 911 call in the deadly officer-involved shooting that happened early Tuesday in Greenville.

Officers were called to Brookville Drive after a resident called to say someone was breaking into his townhome.

An officer encountered Sean Rambert outside the home, according to police, a violent struggle began, and the officer ended up shooting the man.

Here is a transcript of that 911 call:

Caller: Someone trying to break into my house.

911: Ok, where are you in the house?

Caller: We went into our garage.

911: What did you hear?

Caller: He's at my back door.

911: What did you hear?

Caller: He's screaming and broke the glass out of the (unintelligible).

911: So they broke the backdoor glass?

Caller: No, the backdoor glass. Sounds like he's still here.

911: You in the garage yet?

Caller: Yes.

911: Ok, who's with you?

Caller: My wife. He's about to come in.

911: Don't say nothing.

Caller: We need to get out of here, sir.

911: We've got officers on the way to you. Just stay on the phone with me, ok?

Caller: Ok.

911: What are you hearing at this time?

Caller: He's yelling and screaming.

911: We've got officers on the way to you, ok? Just stay on the phone with me.

Caller: Ok.

911: Just let me know what you hear.

Caller: He's inside.

911: He's in the house? Ok.

Caller: He's inside. Sir, we gotta get out.

911: Are you able to get out?

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